Wellness Care

Wellness Care for beloved petsWellness Care...it's all about Preventive Medicine!

Helping you keep your best friend happy and healthy from the day you bring him home until the day you have to say goodbye is our ongoing mission and greatest privilege at Valley of the Moon Veterinary Hospital. With that in mind, we recommend a full physical exam twice a year so that together we can tailor a wellness plan, based on your pet's lifestyle, which ensures he's getting everything he needs to stay healthy.

During the exam we'll decide which vaccines, if any, are indicated. We'll develop a plan to protect your pet against the common parasites: fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm. We'll discuss nutrition and weight management, reproductive health, behavioral issues and pain management, if warranted.

When your pet gets a full physical exam, we'll evaluate his eyes, ears, teeth and gums, skin and coat, heart, lungs, urinary and digestive systems, as well as his musculoskeletal, neurologic and lymphatic systems, etc.

It is through regular "Wellness" visits that we are able to discuss current health issues but also to uncover and address any hidden or emerging issues before they become serious.