X-ray diagnosticsUnfortunately, despite our best efforts our pets occasionally become ill or injured and require more focused attention. At Valley of the Moon we are equipped with a full in-house laboratory which allows us to diagnose metabolic abnormalities in a matter of minutes and get information to you quickly. With digital x-ray, we are able to produce excellent quality state-of-the-art radiographs which we can read immediately but also electronically transmit anywhere, such as to a board certified radiologist or 24-hour emergency/specialty hospital. Our ultrasound machine allows us to diagnose internal diseases, cancers or trauma to the abdomen in a non-invasive, non-painful manner. We are also equipped to measure blood pressure to test for hypertension, intra-ocular pressure to test for glaucoma, and we are able to run ECGs ('electrocardiogram') to check for arrhythmias of the heart.